Recent Reports Published by the Center for the Study of Democracy in Bulgaria

Corruption and Tax Compliance. Policy and Administration Challenges
National and international corruption indices suggest that the Bulgarian tax administration has an important role to play in fighting corruption. While the general public and the business community are inclined to think better of the tax administration, in terms of the levels and spread of corruption, by comparison with other institutions, such as customs, the police or the judiciary, corruption in the tax administration is still admittedly rather high.

The Courts, Prosecution and Investigation in the EU Member States and Accession Countries (in Bulgarian only)
The book reviews the organization and principles of activity of the courts, prosecution and investigation in the EU member states, including the new ones, and the accession countries.

Anticorruption Reforms in Bulgaria
The report makes an overview of the conducted anticorruption reforms in Bulgaria since 1997 and analyses the spheres of penetration, as well as the levels and dynamics of corruption in the Bulgarian society and presents the major achievements and problems of anticorruption reforms.

Crime Trends in Bulgaria: Police Statistics and Victimization Surveys
The report uses a crime victimization survey as an alternative analytical tool to make an independent assessment of the crime situation in Bulgaria for the period 2001–2004.

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