Anita Lavorgna


Call for Papers: Special issue of the European Review of Organised Crime (EROC) - “Space Oddity? Exploring Organised Crime Ventures in Cyber Space”

Special Issue editors: Dr. Helena Carrapico (Aston University, UK) and Dr. Anita Lavorgna (University of Wolverhampton, UK) Over the past two decades, the development of modern societies has become intimately interconnected with information technologies. Such trend is particularly visible among the increasing number of personal objects, household appliances and professional structures connected to information networks.


"Understanding and Tackling the Roots of Insecurity" at the ECPR General Conference

The ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime had the pleasure of participating, once more, in the ECPR’s annual conference. This year’s event, at the University of Glasgow, was particularly marked by a high turn-out of participants,  excellent organization, and topical subjects, such as the on-going debate on Scottish secession from the United Kingdom. The Section


EROC Call for Papers

The European Review of Organised Crime is accepting submissions for the next issues! We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions presenting the latest research on organised crime broadly conceived from a variety of disciplines, such as criminology, criminal justice, political science, law, security studies, sociology, gender studies, economics, media studies, anthropology, and history. We also seek