Standing Group on Organised Crime Section at the 8th ECPR General Conference in Glasgow

3 – 6 September 2014

Main Campus, University of Glasgow, Adam Smith Building, G12 8QQ, Scotland

Following the success of the Standing Group on Organised Crime (SGOC)’s Section “Transnational Organised Crime in a Globalised World” at the 7th ECPR General Conference in Bordeaux in 2013, SGOC members have reaffirmed their commitment to creating an intellectual platform for the study of terrorism, organised crime, and corruption by putting together a section “Understanding and Tackling the Roots of Insecurity: Terrorism, Transnational Organised Crime and Corruption” at the ECPR General Conference taking place at the University of Glasgow from the 3rd to the 6th of September 2014. The section will be chaired by Dr. Yuliya Zabyelina (University of Edinburgh) and co- chaired by Dr. Helena Carrapico (University of Dundee).

The Section offers to review traditional understandings of security and insecurity, and suggests raising questions about the impact of globalization on these concepts. It also proposes to examine a series of phenomena that are currently understood as transnational security threats, including, but not limited to, terrorism and terrorism financing, transnational organised crime in its various manifestations, environmental crime, illegal migration, cyber-crime, and illicit economics of failed states and (post)-conflict areas. The Section also calls for assessments on the relevance of these problems for the security of the international and European communities, both states and individuals.