Members & Associates

You find a list of our current members and associates below. The full membership is given to those with a MyECPR account; it permits to fully participate at the SGOC activities and to vote and/or to be elected for the Steering Committee. Those without the MyECPR account are considered associated. According to the new ECPR rules for Standing Groups, it in necessary to complete a new enrollment via the ECPR website ( Under the section “Standing Groups”, you have to click under “Current Standing Groups” ( and select the Standing Group on Organised Crime (click on “details” and then “join”). At this point, if your academic Institution is already member of the ECPR, you will become automatically a member of the SGOC. Otherwise, your application will be manually accepted by the SGOC Convenors (please keep in mind that this process might take a few days).
Should you wish to update your information, please contact us at ecpr.sgoc(at)

Abou Taleb Ahmed Associated
Aceng Christabella Judith Associated
Agius Connie Associated
Albanese Jay Associated
Albertini Matteo Associated
Allum Felia Lecturer in Politics and Italian, Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath Italian Mafias;Neapolitan Camorra;criminal mobility;organised crime and politics Member
Amaya Edgardo Associated
Antonopoulos Georgios Professor in Criminology, Teesside University Illegal markets;organised crime;Balkans;China;ethnicity, crime and justice Associated
Armao Fabio Full Professor of International Relations, University of Turin Social science methodology;globalization processes;war studies;transnational organized crime;terrorism Associated
Armstrong Thomas Associated
Arsovska Jana Assistant Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Albanian organized crime groups (code of honour and blood feuds); backgrounds of Balkan criminality and criminality in post conflict societies Associated
Ayling Julie Legislative, regulatory and policy responses to organised crime; policing of organised crime; gangs; outlaw motorcycle gangs; transnational environmental crime Member
Balcells Marc Doctoral candidate, the Graduate Center, The City University of New York Looting in archaeological sites; art crimes; International and comparative criminology; history of crime and criminology; qualitative research methods Member
Ball Joni Associated
Basaranel Burke Associated
Beare Margaret E. Professor of Law and Sociology, York University, Toronto Legislation pertaining to international organized crime; policing of organized crime Associated
Becucci Stefano Lecturer, University of Florence Seizures and forfeitures in Italy and in other western countries; organized crime in Italy; Chinese crime in Italy and in the USA; trafficking in human beings project founded by European Union (Falcone Project); the involvement of foreign and local criminal groups in the drug and prostitution markets in Italy Associated
Bell Martin Associated
Belonoznik Tomas Member
Belukova Galina PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and concurrently work full time at West Coast University as an Institutional Research Specialist Law and society; political economy;International relations and criminology, especially violence related to business activities Associated
Bennet Neil Associated
Berti Benedetta Associated
Benson Katie PhD candidate, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law, University of Manchester Organised crime; money laundering; white-collar crime Associated
Blakeley Mike Associated
BojarskiKamil MA Candidate at Nicolaus Copernicus University Cyberlaw;cyberwarfare;law of personal data protection;intellectual property law;information security Associated
Bosetti Louise Associated
Bovenkerk Frank University of Utrecht, Willem Pompe Institute Organized crime;migration and crime Associated
Brancaccio Luciano Reasearch associate, Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples Federico II Organized crime; clientelism; urban studies; social and political networks Member
Brayley Helen Honorary research associate, University College London (UCL) Human trafficking; child sexual offending Associated
Bright David Associated
Briquet Jean-Louis Full professor, Directeur de recherche CNRS, Directeur du Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique (CESSP), Université Paris 1 Unofficial politics (clientelism, corruption, political criminality); political élites; local government; France, Italy, Southern Europe Member
Brito Carlos PhD Candidate in Criminal Law,Complutense University of Madrid Human rights;Latin America;organised crime;public policy;trafficking in human beings;criminology Member
Broad Rose Research Associate University of Manchester, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice The policy making process; gendered constructions within policy Associated
Broadhurst Roderic Professor of Criminology Research School of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Social Science, Australian National University Cybercrime;crime and modernisation;developing countries;organised crime in Asia Member
Bronshteyn Irina Research Assistant at Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey Violence against women (domestic, sexual, dating, among others, in addition to violence committed against women in armed conflicts) Associated
Brown Diana Associated
Bunijevac Sonja Associated
Bunnik Anno Associated
Burbank Jeff Associated
Bures Oldrich Associate Professor and Head of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, also the Head of the Center for Security Studies, both at Metropolitan University Prague Privatization of security; terrorism and counterterrorism; peacekeeping and peacebuilding Member
Campbell Liz Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law & Evidence, School of Law, University of Edinburgh The law’s responses to organised crime; organised crime/national security nexus Associated
Carey Elaine Associated
Carrapico Helena Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Aston University European Union organized crime policies; cyber crime; Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Member
Catino Maurizio Full Professor (Sociology of organization),Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Milan – Bicocca Organized crime; mafias; violence and homicides; organizational structures in criminal organizations Member
Cesoni Maria Luisa Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Law and criminology faculty Criminal law; European, International and comparative criminal politics, in particular about organised crime and terrorism; International criminal law and jurisdictions Associated
Champeyrache Clotilde Associate professor,Paris 8 University Crime economics;institutional economics;mafia-owned legal enterprises Associated
Chappell Duncan Associated
Choo Hyun Seung Associated
Clark Alistair Member
Cockbain Ella Research Fellow at University College London’s Department of Security and Crime Science Labour trafficking and sex trafficking, as well as child sexual abuse more broadly Associated
Coen Myrianne Counsellor of Embassy Organised crime and terrorism, and their impact on international relations;peace and rule of law Associated
Connery David Senior Analyst,Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement Program,Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra National security;law enforcement;counter-terrorism;organised crime Associated
Critchley David Independent researcher History of American organized crime Associated
Cullen Arron MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security, Coventry University Organised crime; exploitation of information and communication technologies; trafficking; terrorism; penology Member
Dagnes Joselle Member
Dallara Cristina Permanent researcher in Political Science, Research Institute on Judicial Systems, National Research Council, Bologna (IRSIG-CNR) EU judicial networks and their role in promoting a global model of justice;judicial and anti-corruption reforms in democratizing countries;EU enlargement Member
Danielsson Anna Member
das Neves Pedro Associated
De Biase Marco Aspirant F.R.S. FNRS at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Researcher at CEDEM (Centre d’études de l’ethnicité et des migrations) at Université de Liège and Research member of URIT (Research Unit on Social Topographies at Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples Mafia practices;criminal activities;formal/informal economies;capitalist processes of accumulation;accumulation by dispossession;entrepreneurial mobility;migration studies;social movements;marxist and neo-marxist studies and urban ethnography Associated
De Oliveira Ines Sofia Doctoral Candidate and Tutor, University of Edinburgh International relations and global governance; EU politics and law (special focus JHA); organised crime (money laundering, drug trafficking, illicit trade) Associated
Delaforce Ruth Adjunct Fellow, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University Security;intelligence;military;policing;transnational crime;private military and security contracting industry Associated
den Heyer Garth Senior Research Fellow, Police Foundation (NZ) Law enforcement role in organised crime and countering terrorism;police reform Member
Desi Adam Daniel Associated
Dhanjal Rani Associated
Diaz Jérôme Holder of a Master’s degree in International Law (“International Safety and Defense”, Pierre Mendès-France University, Grenoble); specialized in political science and geopolitics of the Near/Middle-East and Central Asia Human rights; transnational organized crime; financial/economic crime (notably tax havens and french “biens mal acquis”) Associated
Diesing Lena Associated
Dimant Eugen PhD Student, University of Paderborn (Germany); Visiting Researcher George Mason University, Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science (ICES) Economics of crime;corruption;migration;behavioural economics;experimental economics Associated
Dimova Margarita SOAS, University of London, PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant Transnational crime control;law enforcement;corruption;drug economies;East Africa Associated
Dino Alessandra Associate Professor (Sociology of Law, of Deviance and Social Change) at the Faculty of Sciences of Education of the University of Palermo Processes of social construction of deviance, of labelling dynamics and of different sorts of malaise and social marginality; mafia phenomena; ethnographic method; symbolic processes; internal changes in Sicilian Mafia;identity forms and features of female-roles in mafia criminal organisations;mafia and religion; theinternational network of mafia;the relationship among Cosa Nostra, the business world and the political one; connections between mafia organised crime and transnational economic crime Member
DiRonco Anna Associated
Dixon Mike Retired from the UK police after 30 years’ service and student from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge Transnational organised crime;comparative criminal justice studies;white collar crime Member
Drapalova Eliska Member
dos Santos Duque Raquel PhD student at the Institute for Political Studies,Catholic University of Portugal International relations;security studies;political violence;public policy;european union/europeanisation Associated
Ducol Benjamin Member
Dzhekova Rositza Associated
Efrat Asif Lecturer at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy - Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel International law and institutions;transnational crime Member
Efstathios Mainas Professional doctoratestudent in criminal justice at the University of Portsmouth, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies I have extensive law enforcement and crime analysis experience having worked for the Greek coastguard as investigator and adviser for 16 years and at the European Police Office (Europol) as senior analyst for 11 years. My main research interests are in social network analysis (SNA) applications against criminal and terrorist networks organised crime and intelligence-led policing Associated
Elias Leticia PhD researcher,Montesquieu Institute,University of Leiden Organized crime;terrorism;security and safety issues;agenda-setting analysis Associated
Ellis Stephen Researcher at the Afrika Studiecentrum, Leiden, and professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Organised crime in Africa and globally Member
Emmenegger Patrick Member
Empson Chris Associated
Ernst Falko Member
Eski Yarin Associated
Esposito Anne Associated
Fairley Ian Associated
Farrand Benjamin Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and Policy, University of Strathclyde The law and politics of technology regulation; critical theory; piracy, counterfeiting and intellectual property-related crimes; corporate fraud and white collar crime; lobbying in the European Union Associated
Fazekas Mihály Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Human, Social and Political Sciences High-level corruption;public procurement;quantitative and mixed methods research Member
Fernandez Lovell Associated
Ferrara Miriam Associated
Figliomeni Vincent Director, Francesco Figliomeni Centro Sudi di Ricerca di Scienze Sociali (non-profit social science research center) Member
Fijnaut Cyrille Emeritus Professor,Erasmus University Rotterdam, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Universiteit van Tilburg Organized crime in big cities;European and transatlantic developments in organized crime;international police and judicial cooperation in Europe;the spreading of the Italian mafia in the West Associated
Finckenauer James O. Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Professorial Fellow, Rutgers University, Newark (NJ). Professor Finckenauer has edited Trends in Organized Crime, evaluation. Professor Finckenauer has edited Trends in Organized Crime, evaluation. Professor Finckenauer has edited Trends in Organized Crime, and served as President of the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime. From 1998-2002, he was Director of the International Center at the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Finckenauer continues to serve Rutgers as a member of the Core Faculty of the Division of Global Affairs, and Co-editor of the Online Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Book Reviews International and comparative criminal justice; criminal policy, planning, evaluation, and transnational organized crime Associated
Finocchiaro Giuseppe Gabriele Associated
Forlati Serena Associated
Fraser Kelsey Leigh Student, University of Bath and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Student at the University of Bath studying the factors that shape the adaptability of Organized Crime groups in Europe Associated
Fraser Tanya Associated
Frontes José Assistant Professor,Universidade Aberta/Academia Militar/ CAPP - ISCSP Universidade de Lisboa Associated
Fukumi Sayaka Ritsumeikan University, Lecturer Transnational organised crime;non-traditional security threats;drug trafficking Associated
Galeotti Mark Professor of Global Affairs, New York University Center for Global Affairs Russian and post-Soviet organised crime; organised crime in history; crime and the state Member
Gallagher Martin Associated
Galli Francesca Member
Galvis Martinez Manuel Associated
Garbay Aurélie PhD student in Law, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (Centre de Documentation et de Recherches Européennes) Constitutions; democracy; rule of law; fundamental rights and freedoms; raison d’etat / state reason; state of exception; terrorism Member
Gentile Antonina Member
Gevorgyan Astghik Yerevan State University, Faculty of International Relations, Word Politics, Student Theory of international relations, esp. soft power;US foreign policy;global challenges of security in 21st century (terrorism, migration, cyber crime, information security and information wars) Associated
Ghaste Poonam Associated
Gill Martin Associated
Gimshi Dani Associated
Gilmour Nick Teaching Fellow, NZ Police. Centre for Defence & Security Studies, Massey University Wellington (NZ) Organised crime (from a preventative angle);money laundering;crime and security;intelligence Member
Gimshi Dani Associated
Giuffrida Celeste Associated
Gomez Arantza Member
Gonzales Bustelo Mabel Member
Greco Francesca Associated
Gregori Luigi Associated
GudmunsonKathryn PhD student, University of Leeds Drug trafficking;drugs policy;impacts of policy on organized crime Member
Guerra Simona Member
Gundur Rajeev PhD Candidate, Cardiff University Transnational organized crime; gangs; public policy; moral panics; sovereignty; Latin America Associated
Gunnarson Carina Associate professor, Department of Government, Uppsala University Organized crime;antimafia;Sicily;racketeering;civic education;quantitative and qualitative research methods Member
Hanstock Richard S. PhD Candidate at University of Cambridge, Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law Computer crime; sentencing; morality and crime; policing Associated
Hardy Samuel Andrew Research Associate, UCL Centre for Applied Archaeology Cyprus; Greece; illicit antiquities; organised crime; paramilitary funding; political violence; Syria; Turkey Associated
Hellmann Olli Member
Hignett Kelly Lecturer in History, Leeds Metropolitan University Crime;organised crime;criminal networks;social deviance;dissent, terror and repression in Central/Eastern Europe and the former USSR in communist and post-communist period Associated
Hogwood Patricia Reader in European Politics, University of Westminster Securitisation of immigration control (EU-level); European approaches to internal security; internal security identity Associated
Hornsby Rob Associated
Huber Daiana Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente (center for promoting lifelong learning) - bids & tenders developer, running the “Prison Education & Urban Security” Department Project management;European public policy in education;prison education;police training;gang related crimes Associated
Hübschle Annette Doctoral Researcher, Max Plank Institute for the Study of Societies Organised crime;organised crime–terror nexus;wildlife trafficking;drug markets;human trafficking;Africa Associated
Iafolla Vanessa PhD Candidate, Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto Anti-money laundering;anti-terrorist financing legislation Associated
Ibanez Josep Member
Idler Annette Associated
Ioannis Michaletos Political & Security Analyst and Consultant. Associate Institute for Security & Defense Analysis Athens-Greece; Coordinator of the South East Europe office of World Security Network Foundation; IHS Jane’s consultant Greece-Balkans; Greek and Regional media correspondent & editor Research and analysis of security issues in Southeastern Europe (organized crime networks, terrorism, extremism, radicalism, regional security sector reform, illegal immigration, political security agendas) Associated
Irrera Daniela Assistant Professor of Political Science and IR, University of Catania and Adjunct Professor of Political Science,
College of Global Studies,
Arcadia University
Organised crime and Politics;criminal states structure;connections between crime and terrorism Member
Islas Diorella Member
Jacobs James B. Professor at the NYU School of Law Organized Crime Countermeasures Associated
Jakobi Anja Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London Global crime governance;governance of global illegal markets;global norms against crime;non-state actors and crime governance Associated
Jerry Shirvanna Associated
Jesperson Sasha Associated
Jonsson Maria Sofia PhD Candidate, Political Science Department and Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg Human trafficking for sexual exploitation; organised crime Member
Jorda Carmen Associated
Kaunert Christian Member
Kent Randolph Associated
Kidd Johanna Associated
Kiknadze Anna Master’s student at University of Bath/ MA in Contemporary European Studies: Politics, Policy and Society (Free University of Berlin/ Humboldt University in Berlin – 2014/2015) Political culture and decision-making; civil society;organized crime (post-Soviet countries); thieves in law Associated
Klantschnig Geront Associate Professor in International Studies at the University of Notthingam, Ningbo, China Drug trafficking;Africa;drug control policy Associated
Kleinschmidt Klaus Associated
Klerks Peter Public Prosecutor’s Office of The Netherlands, Strategic Advisor,Police Academy of The Netherlands, Lecturer Organized crime;covert investigations;social network analysis Member
Korsell Lars Head of the Economic and Organised Crime Research Division at The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in Stockholm Economic and organised crime;environmental crime;art crime Associated
Kostakos Panos Independent researcher Complex systems;criminal networks;social media;illicit markets Associated
Krieger Tim Full Professor of Economics University of Freiburg & CESifo Terrorism and political violence;economics of organized crime Member
Kudlenko Asya Member
Kupka Petr Ph.D. candidate & research assistant. Department of Political science, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Rep) Organized crime and corruption in post-socialism;organized crime in Italy;organized crime research methods;security theory;football fan culture Associated
Kuruc Peter Associated
Kwok Ingrid Associated
Ladapo Oluwafemi Alexander Legislation and Policy Advisor, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Nigeria Country Office) Conflict analysis, Dispute resolution, Corruption and Criminal law Associated
LaSpina Valeria Associated
Lauchs Mark Associated
Lavorgna Anita Lecturer in Criminology, University of Wolverhampton Organised crime;Internet crime;global criminology;research methods Member
Lawrence Austin Manager, Policing Research; Research, Intergovernmental Affairs and Coordination Directorate; Community Safety and Countering Crime Branch - Public Safety Canada Organized crime;use of force;policing of borders;cost of crime;measuring illicit markets;subcultures of crime;hate crime;trafficking in persons;violent extremism;forensic criminal offenders;social network analysis;trust in the police;measurement of crime trends;innovative policing models Associated
Lazar Antic Member
Lean Daniel Associated
Le Cour Grandmaison Romain PhD Candidate in Political Science at Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne; Laboratory : CESSP-CRPS Mexico; Latin America; Central America; criminal organizations; clientelism; local political powers; violence and State; sociology of the State; sociology of criminal organizations Associated
Leerburger Marian American Military University Transnational illicit issues; border security; homeland security Member
Lehal Anthony Associated
Leijonmarck Erik Secretary General at European Cities Against Drugs Politicization of crime and criminalization of politics;organised crime in relation to state weakness and security;drug trafficking and drug policy Associated
Leukfeldt Rutger PhD-candidate Organized Cybercrime, Open University of the Netherlands Criminology;organized crime;cybercrime;fraud;phishing;malware Member
Lin Leo Research Associate, Research Institute of European and American Studies, RIEAS (Athens, Greece) International/regional police cooperation;transnational crimes in Asia-Pacific region; major event security Member
Lock Tony Associated
Lombardo Robert Associate Professor, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Loyola University, Chicago Chicago Outfit;the Black Hand in Chicago; asset forfeiture;racket subcultures Associated
Longo Francesca Department of Political and Social Science, University of Catania Member
Macharia Louise Associated
Maďar Tomáš Master’s degree student of the Security and Strategic Studies programme at the Masaryk University Cyber crime and cyber security Associated
Magliveras Konstantinos D. Associate Professor Department of Mediterranean Studies University of the Aegean,Rhodes International criminal justice (with emphasis on money laundering, trafficking in human beings, impunity); the regulation of organised crime at national and international level Associated
Maiava Francis Associated
Mansfeldova Zdenka Head of the Department of Political Sociology and First Deputy Director of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Political sociology;political parties;parliaments and political as well as non-political forms of interest representation Associated
Marcozzi Stroh Brad Chief Investigator; Confidential Research & Investigations, LLC Outlaw motorcycle gangs;extremist and terrorist groups;drug trafficking;ethnic mobs in the United States Associated
Martin Aaron Associated
Martone Vittorio PhD at Department of Social Sciences, University of Naples “Federico II” Local governance;urban and environmental policies;organised crime;labour market policies;comparative policy analysis Associated
Massari Monica Department of political sciences, University of Naples “Federico II” Irregular migration; illegal markets Associated
Mazza Caterina Research Fellow at Law Department,University of Turin Political violence and torture;organised crime and corruption;immigration and detention centres for migrants;human rights Associated
McCarthy-Jones Anthea Associated
McComb Roy Associated
McDermott Hugh Director of the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorist Financing, Fraud and Financial Crime Programs; Senior Lecturer in Law Enforcement at the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security, Charles Sturt University  Financial crime involving transnational organised crime syndicates; corruption; anti-money laundering/counter terrorist financing and proceeds of crime regulation Associated
McNeil Gregory Associated
Meletaki Vasiliki Associated
Mennella Antonella Researcher, Department of Economics, University of Roma Tre Macroeconomics;organised crime;labour economics;applied economics;informal networks Associated
Merkle Ortun PhD Fellow,Maastricht Graduate School of Governance,UNU-Merit Corruption and statebuilding Associated
Merlino Rossella Associated
Milla Vásquez Diana Gisella Associated
Milosevska Tanja Associated
Minakshi Sinha Associated
Minnaar Anthony Research Professor of Criminal Justice Studies, Department of Criminology & Security Science, School of Criminal Justice, College of Law, University of South Africa,Pretoria Firearms control and proliferation of firearms and use in violent crime; vigilantism in under-policed communities; motor vehicle hijackings; use of force by police; the murder of police officers; informers and witness protection programmes; security measures at ports-of-entry; border controls and undocumented migrants, xenophobia and refugees; regulating and monitoring of the private security industry in South Africa; community policing and community safety initiatives; neighbourhood crime prevention and the private security industry (private and/or partnership policing); the use of CCTV surveillance systems for security and neighbourhood safety/crime prevention; information security & cybercrime; policing of poaching in South Africa Associated
Miranda Valérie Associated
Mondaca Patrick Associated
Mosca Michele Researcher and assistant professor of Economics,Department of Political Science,University of Naples “Federico II” Labour market; NGOs; criminal organisations; social economy Associated
Mukomel Alexey Associated
Muno Wolfgang Senior Lecturer, International Relations, Department of Political Science,Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz International Relations;Third World politics;Latin America;European politics;democracy;organised crime Associated
Mylvaganm Janaki Associated
Anthony Minnaar Research Professor of Criminal Justice Studies
Department of Criminology & Security Science University of South Africa
School of Criminal Justice, College of Law
Neumann Werner Head of the unit for intelligence and analysis in the field of OC at the Bavarian State Bureau of Investigation Organised crime, especially in Europe, with (possible) links to Germany Associated
Neverauskaite Juste Member
Nikiforidou Eleana Associated
Nomikos John Director, Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), Athens Organized crime; illegal migration;human trafficking;Islamic networks in the Balkans;counter-terrorism crisis communication policy;illicit trafficking;money laundering Associated
Nowicka Kamila Anna Associated
Nussio Enzo Post-doctoral fellow, Political Science Department, Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá);from November 2014 onwards: post-doctoral fellow, Institute of Latin American Studies, Stockholm University Peacebuilding; post-conflict violence; protracted violence reduction; Latin America Member
Oliveira Ines Associated
Ostaszewski Daniel Associated


Padurariu Amelia Member
Panzarasa Martina Member
Papastergiou Konstantinos Associated
Parisi Maurizio Associated
Payne Joseph Associated
Penna Sue Associated
Petrillo Enza Roberta Post-Doctoral Researcher in Political and Social Science at EuroSapienza, Research Centre in European, International and Development Studies, Sapienza University, Rome Eastern European politics and geopolitics; forced and irregular migration; EU migration policy; trans-border smuggling and trafficking in human beings; EU borderlands Associated
Pezzoli Carlo University of Turin Arms trade;financial crimes;anti money laundering Associated
Pine Jason Assistant Professor & Coordinator,Anthropology & Media|Society|Arts, Purchase College, SUNY Neapolitan camorra; neomelodica music; aesthetics, affect and power; methamphetamine manufacture, distribution and use in the US Associated
Pizzini Valeria Academic assistant, Max Weber Programme-EUI, Florence Organized crime;gender;recruitment in illegal groups;political violence;signalling theory;qualitative research;content analysis Associated
Policek Nicoletta Associated
Pries Kari Mariska PhD Researcher, University of Glasgow Hybrid governance;security policy;Central America; violence and crime Associated
Radenkovic Ana Associated
Raineri Luca PhD candidate at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa (Italy) Drivers and dynamics of the conflict in northern Mali, including drug illicit economies and organised crime Associated
Ralphs Rob Associated
Reckless Steve Associated
Reif Megan Associated
Reitano Tuesday Associated
Remmert David Member
Reurink Arjan Associated
Rivera Fredy Associated
Rizzuti Alice Associated
Roderick Jennifer Associated
Rodriguez Nicolas Associated
Rodriguez Olivari Denisse PhD Student at King’s College London - International Development Institute Corruption in Latin America Associated
Ruiz Díaz Lucas J. PhD Candidate, Universidad de Granada Gender and human trafficking; counter-terrorism measures; corruption and organized crime Associated
Russo Alessandra Member
Sabetti Filippo Professor, Dept of Political Science, McGill University, Montreal;Senior Research Fellow, The Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana;Research Affiliate, Center for the Comparative Study of Criminology, University of Montreal, Montreal Product illegality and illegal markets Associated
Salinas-Edwards Mike Lecturer in Criminology, Manchester Metropolitan University Organised crime;illicit drug markets;criminal careers over the life-course Associated
Salomon Jean-Claude Associated
Sampson Steven Associated
Sansó-Rubert Daniel Associated
Sarrion Joaquin Member
Scaglione Attilio Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Palermo Deviant studies;organized crime; mafia;social network analysis Associated
Schedler Andreas Professor of Political Science, CIDE, Mexico City Organized criminal violence;civil war;public opinion;Mexico;Latin America;violence and democracy;authoritarian regimes;regime consolidation;concept analysis Member
Schneider Peter Fordham University, Professor Emeritus Associated
Schneider Jane Emeritus Professor;Graduate Center, CUNY Associated
Schönenberg Regine Associated
Schönhöfer Johanna PhD student, University of Leeds Human trafficking;securitization;maritime security;prevention and punishment policies;cross-national comparisons Associated
Schultze Phyllis Associated
Sciandra Elena PhD student, University of Trento Transitional justice;rule of law;corruption;organised crime;illicit trafficking in cultural properties;democratisation process;international relations Member
Sergi Anna Lecturer in Policing and Crime Sciences, Ealing Law School, University of West London Organised crime;policy evaluation;socio-legal analysis;Italian mafia (‘Ndrangheta);British organised crime legislation Member
Shala Nita Ph.D. candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Transitional justice;rule of law; organised crime; legal Practice; anti-corruption and internal audit Member
Siddiq Sami Member
Simeone Felice Senior scientist at RIKILT-Institute for food Safety-Wageningen University Fraudulent adulteration of food Associated
Singh Shalini Associated
Skarbek David Lecturer in Political Economy, King’s College London Political economy;mafias;prison gangs Member
Skoczylis Joshua Member
Slater Kelly Member
Smith Russell Principal Criminologist, Manager, Transnational & Organised Crime Program Australian Institute of Criminology Associated
Smith, Jr.Dwight C. Retired Organized crime; illicit enterprise theory Associated
Sneddon Simon Associated
Spencer Jon Lecturer, Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Manchester Organisation of criminal activities in legitimate market sectors, e.g. labour and food Associated
Stambøl Eva Magdalena Consultant, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI); independent researcher International drug policy and human rights;international drug policy reform movement;governmentality; EU foreign and security policies; EU external drug policy; EU policy on cocaine trafficking and organized crime in Latin America and the Caribbean and West Africa; critical security studies Member
Stoffers Fabian Associated
Stoychev Stoycho Member
Strazzari Francesco Associate professor, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Senior research fellow, NUPI (Consortium for Research on Terrorism and International Crime, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs) European security policies & critical geopolitics; extra-legal governance, transnational organized crime and armed conflict along European peripheries (MENA, Sahel, Balkans);drug smuggling & drug wars Member
Strykier Agnieszka Associated
Sukharenko Alexander Director of the New Challenges and Threats Study Center (Vladivostok, Russia) Transnational organized crime (corruption);economic crime;shadow economy Associated
Svetlozar Markov Assistant Professor, Department of police intelligence, Faculty of police in the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Bulgaria Member
Timco Ondrej PhD Candidate; UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Political corruption; offshore financial services; money laundering/corruption nexus; Ukrainian and Russian politics; human sustainable development; social capital Associated
Timmermans Arco Professor of Public Affairs, Institute of Public Administration, Campus The Hague, Leiden University Member
Torrisi Maria Rosaria Associated
Trauner Florian Assistant Professor, Institute for European Integration Research, University of Vienna EU internal security policies; forced and irregular migration; EU decision-making processes and the role of actors such as Europol Member
Travagliano Giovanni Associated
Tregunna Alice University of Auckland, PhD Researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant Transnational organised crime; female offenders; females in transnational organised crime;gender and crime;media and crime Associated
Tupman Bill Honorary Fellow (retired academic), Department of Politics, University of Exeter Organised crime;terrorism and transnational police responses Member
Tvrdá Kateřina Internal Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic) Internal security policies in Central East Europe; EU internal security policies; combating organized Ccrime; trafficking in human beings; critical and feminist security studies; political violence Member
Tzanetakis Meropi Researcher at theVienna Centre for Societal Security Illicit drug markets;organized crime;methods of empirical social research Member
Ulrich Cristopher Associated
Uribe Burcher Catalina Programme Officer Democracy, Conflict and Security at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) Organized crime and its influence on democratic politics Associated
Usher-Purves Phelim Associated
van Driessche Cynthia FOD Justitie,Justice Department,DG Penitentiaire Inrichtingen - Prison Service I worked for more than 12 years as an analyst on the subject of organized crime (at the Service for Criminal Policy). Currently I work for the Prison Service, where my expertise on organized crime is still useful (however on a more operational level) Associated
van Duyne Petrus Vakgroep Strafrecht, Universiteit van Tilburg Organised (economic) crime;money-laundering and corruption Associated
Varese Federico Professor of Criminology, University of Oxford;Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College Organised crime Associated
Vázquez Camacho Pablo Public Servant - National Crime Prevention Programme - Ministry of the Interior Mexico Crime prevention policy; situational prevention of organised crime; policing organised crime Associated
Velema Wyger Member
Vesco Antonio PhD Student, Università degli Studi di Siena and University of Paris I Penthéon-Sorbonne Political anthropology;anthropology of politics;mafias;Italian organized crime Associated
Vikingsson Patrick Recent MSc Crime Science (Countering Organised Crime & Terrorism) at University College London, Department of Security & Crime Science Serious organised crime; criminal intelligence;trafficking in illicit goods & services;transnational organised crime;confiscation of proceeds of crime;anti-money laundering & countering terrorist financing;organised crime risk & threat assessments Associated
van der Veen Hans PhD Social and Political Sciences, European University Institute, Independent Research InstituteVisible Hand Research, Amsterdam European Union, foreign policy, security, social justice, organized crime; governance in illicit economies; illicit enterprising, transaction costs and law enforcement; policing choices and modalities; optimal punitiveness, discretionary sentencing; resource allocation in criminal justice systems; violence, wealth creation and social control; protection rackets as a mode of governance Associated
von Lampe Klaus Associate Professor,Major Coordinator, International Criminal Justice BA,John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY Conceptual history of organized crime; theory of organized crime; cigarette smuggling; drug trafficking; underworld power structures Associated
Ward Ben Associated
White Justin Associated
Whittle Joe PhD student, Buckinghamshire New University Chinese organised crime; Chinese snakehead gangs; UK policing Member
Williams Phil Associated
Wintrobe Ronald Associated
Woodwiss Michael Senior Lecturer in American History, University of the West of England Organized crime and institutional corruption Associated
Young Mary Alice Associated
Zabyelina Yuliya Newton Fellow, University of Edinburgh Transnational organized crime; criminal markets; corruption; political regimes and crime; state crime Associated
Zaitch Damian Associated
Zoppei Verena PhD student at Università degli Studi di Milano, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin/ Mafia? Nein, Danke e V. Anti-money laundering law;organized crime in Germany;civil society movements against organised crime Member

Studying Organised Crime Across Disciplines, Cultures and Professions

The Standing Group on Organised Crime (SGOC) is one of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) standing groups. We aim to promote research in transnational organised crime across different disciplines.


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