Steering Committee


  • Felia Allum - University of Bath, UK

Dr Felia Allum joined the Department in 2002 as Lecturer in Italian History and Politics. She did a degree at the University of Newcastle and a MSc (Econ) icy at the London School of Economics. She completed her PhD on the Neapolitan Camorra in the Government Department at the University of Brunel (West London) in 2000 where she was a graduate teaching assistant. Before coming to Bath, she was a lecturer in European Politics in the Polis Institute at the University of Leeds. She is co-convenor of the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on organised crime.

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  • Francesca Longo - University of Catania, Italy

Prof. Dr. Francesca Longo is actually full professor of Political Science and International Relation at the Department of Political and Social Studies of the University of Catania, Italy.  She serves as member of the Senate of the University of Catania and is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Public Policy. Her research focuses on European internal and external security, with particular focus on the  EU organised crime policies and their external dimension. She holds a doctoral degree in International Relation from the University of Padua.  Her publications include edited volumes in the area of Organized Crime, monograph on Theory of European Integrations, articles on international journals.

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Social Media Officer

  •  William (Bill) Tupman - University of Exeter, Anglia Ruskin University

Bill Tupman joined the Department of Politics at Exeter University as a lecturer in Soviet Politics in 1970. His research interests changed to terrorism and policing during the early 70s. He became Director of the Centre for Police and Criminal Justice Studies in 1985, returning to the Department of Politics in 1995. In 2005 he took early retirement, becoming an Honorary Research Fellow at Exeter. He is now Visiting Professor in Criminal Justice at BPP University in London and a research fellow at Anglia Ruskin University. He has written widely on terrorist financing, european policing and organised crime in transition societies.

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Funding Officer

  • Daniela Irrera - University of Catania, Italy

Daniela Irrera (PhD in International Relations, University of Catania) is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Catania.

Visiting Fellow at several Universities and research centers in Europe, Asia and US. She has been awarded with a DAAD Fellowship at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and with a research grant at the European Union Center of Excellence, University of Alberta, Canada.

Convenor of the International Relations Section for the Italian Political Scientist Association, in 2013-2014.  Member of the steering committee of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations .

She is part of several research projects funded by the EU under Jean Monnet Action, Lifelong Learning Programme, and Horizon 2020. She has directed the Erasmus Intensive Summer School on Serious and Organised Crime, held in Catania in 2014, funded by Lifelong Learning Programme. She is currently working as a team member of the H2020 TransCrisis project; and listed as expert for EU CIVCAP, a project on Preventing and Responding to Conflict: Developing Civilian Capabilities for a Sustainable Peace.

She has extensively published in the areas of International Relations and EU politics, dealing with global terrorism, transnational organised crime, civil society and humanitarian affairs.

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Events & Publication Officer

  • Helena Carrapico - University of Aston, UK

Dr. Helena Carrapico joined Aston University in September 2014 as a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. She is a co- Deputy Director for the Aston Centre for Europe. Her research focuses on European internal security, in particular EU organised crime policies. She holds a doctoral degree in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute. Helena was also a visiting fellow at the DG. Justice, Liberty and Security of the European Commission in 2007. She has considerable experience publishing on this topic in journals such as the European Foreign Affairs Review, Crime, Law and Social Change, European Security, and Global Crime. Her publications include four edited volumes in the area of internal security (two by Springer and two by Routledge). She also has a track record of engagement with policy making in this field, having advised the United Kingdom and Portuguese Governments in matters relating to their organised crime strategies.

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Strategic Communication Officer

  • Panos Kostakos - University of Oulu, Finland

Dr. Panos Kostakos is the author of  various articles on illegal arms trade, cocaine smuggling, illegal migration and terrorism in the southern and eastern European contexts. He is currently a postdoc researcher in the Center for Ubiquitous Computing, University of Oulu, Finland.





Newsletter Editors

  • Diorella Islas - Univeristy of Bath, UK

Diorella Islas is the Managing Editor of the SGOC Newsletter, and also a PhD candidate at the University of Bath, England. She is alumni from the Center of Hemispheric Security Studies at the U.S. National Defense University since 2013. She holds a Masters degree in International Studies from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. For seven years, her research interests had been focused on the transnationalization process of drug trafficking organizations and its reaction to drug market variations and the implementation of national and international security policies; as well as on the analysis of international security issues.

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On-line Journal

  • Anita Lavogna - University of Southampton

Dr Anita Lavogna joined Southampton as a lecturer in criminology in 2015, after one year lecturing at the University of Wolverhampton. She completed my PhD at the School of International Studies, University of Trento (Italy) in 2014. During her PhD, she has been a visiting scholar at VU Amsterdam and Rutgers University, and a visiting research student at Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science, UCL. She has a background in law and hold an LLM from the University of Trento with a dissertation in applied criminology.

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On-line Journal

  • Yuliya  Zabyelina - John Jay College, New York, US

Yuliya Zabyelina is Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. She holds a PhD degree in International Studies from the University of Trento (Italy), where she studied the role of state failure in furthering opportunities for transnational organized crime. Before moving to the United States, she held a postdoctoral position at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and lectured at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. At John Jay College, Dr. Zabyelina primarily teaches in the BA and MA programs in International Criminal Justice. Dr. Zabyelina’s research is grounded on an interdisciplinary qualitative approach that makes it possible to conduct analyses at the intersection of international relations, criminology, and security studies. In particular, her research has examined issues of global governance and failed states, foreign policy and international cooperation, transnational organized crime and corruption. She has published broadly in edited books, peer-reviewed academic journals, and specialized policy magazines and has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Academy of Criminal Justice SAGE Junior Faculty Teaching Award (2015), The Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Scholars Fellowship (2015), and the Donald EJ MacNamara Junior Faculty Award (2016).

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  • Anna Sergi - University of Essex

Dr Anna Sergi holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Essex where she currently lectures in Criminology. She holds an LLM in Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice from King’s College London and a Master Law Degree, with a specialism in Comparative Criminal Procedure from the University of Bologna, Italy.  Her research specialism is in organised crime studies, mafia studies and comparative criminal justice systems. She has visited in research positions Flinders Law School, in Adelaide, Australia, and New York University Law School.  She has worked as a consultant for the Australian Institute of Criminology. As a Research Assistant she was seconded to the National Crime Agency in London, for a project of the University of Cambridge, within the RCUKGlobal Uncertainties Programme in early 2014. Prior to dedicating herself to the academic career, Anna has briefly worked for the private sector, in the Forensics and Anti-Money Laundering Department of Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Milan, Italy and in the Italian Desk and Litigation Department for Withers LLP in London.

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  • Falko Ernest - University of Essex

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  • Giap Parini - University of Calabria

Ercole Giap Parini è ricercatore in Sociologia generale presso la Facoltà di Scienze Politiche dell’Università della Calabria. Si occupa di sociologia della scienza, teoria sociale e sociologia della devianza. Tra le sue pubblicazioni: Mafia, politica e società civile (Rubbettino 1999), I posti delle fragole (Rubbettino 2001) e Sapere scientifico e modernità (Carocci 2006). Con Teresa Grande ha curato il manuale di Sociologia generale Studiare la società. Questioni, concetti, teorie (Carocci 2007). Con Giuseppina Pellegrino ha curato l’antologia S come scienza, T come tecnica e riflessione sociologica (Liguori 2009). Insieme a Giuseppe Veltri e Andrea Mammone, sta curando il Routledge’s Handbook on Italy, di prossima pubblicazione.Nell’ambito di Ossidiana – Osservatorio per lo studio dei processi culturali e della vita quotidiana dell’Università della Calabria, si occupa del rapporto tra letteratura e scienze sociali.

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