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4(1) The European Review of Organised Crime 4(1), 2016, 1-8 ISSN: 2312-1653  Editorial_1-8

4(1) Martone – Marketisation of Social Services and Mafia Infiltration: The Case of Migrant Reception Centres in Rome Martone_9-29

4(1) Vasco & Belloni – Taking Advantage of the Mafias: Economic Illegality, Business Networks and Criminal Groups in the Northeast of Italy Vesco&Belloni_30-53

4(1) Young – “Going Down the Glocal”: Wildlife Crime in VietnamYoung_54-83

4(1) Mazzola – Neomelodica Music: Formal, Informal and Criminal Dimensions of Naples’ Marginalised Entertainment Industry Mazzola_84-105

4(1) Talent – An ode to Paola Monzini (1965-2017)Obituary_105-111


Our past issues


3(1) The European Review of Organised Crime 3(1), 2016, 1-3. ISSN: 2312-1653   1-editorial_13

3(1) O’Brien & Penna – Organised Crime in the European Union and the Concept of “Technological Zones” 2-obrien_penna_4-29

3(1) Klerks – Battling Organized Crime through Networked Partnerships in the Netherlands  3-klerks-30-49

3(1) Smith – The Alien Conspiracy Theory  4-smith_50-77

3(1) Rickards – What Are the Barriers to Gathering and Sharing Organised Crime Intelligence 5-rickards_78-104

3(1) Tupman – Obituary Notes  6-tupman_105-106

2(2)  The European Review of Organised Crime 2(2), 2015, 1-5
ISSN: 2312-1653 00_Editorial_pp1-50

2(2) Thygesen Vendius – Proactive Undercover Policing and Sexual Crimes against Children on the Internet 1_Vendius_pp6-240

2(2) Bojarski – Dealer, Hacker, Lawyer, Sp 2_Bojarski_pp25-500

2(2) Richardson & Gilmour — Cyber Crime and National Security  3_Gilmour&Richardson_51-700

2(2) Wall – Dis-organised Crime  4_Wall_pp71-900

2(2) Leukfeldt – Organised Cybercrime and Social Opportunity Structures  5_Leukfeldt_91-1030

2(2) Kadlecová – Russian-Speaking Cyber Crime  6_Kadlecova_pp104-1210

2(2) Decary-Hetu & Aldridge – Sifting Through The Net 7_DecaryHetu&Aldridge_pp122-1410

2(2) Reitano, Oerting, and Hunter – Innovations in International Cooperation to Counter Cybercrime 8_ReitanoEtAl_pp142-154

2(1) Tuesday Reitano – A Perilous but Profitable Crossing  1_Tuesday Reitano_pp1-23

2(1) Jana Arsovska & Adriana Michilli – Perceptions of Ethnic Albanians in New York City  2_Jana Arsovska_pp24-48

2(1) Rossella Merlino – The Memoirs of Mafia Boss Michele Greco and Leonardo Vitale  3_Rossella Merlino_pp49-75

2(1) Aurelie Garbay – Democracies’ Fight against Radicalisation in the European Union  4_Aurelie Garbay_pp76-96

2(1) Paolo Giorgio Ferri – Certificates of Exportation of Cultural Property  5_Paolo Giorgio Ferri_pp97-114

2(1) Giada Dalla Gasperina – Treating the Cause, not the Symptoms  6_Giada Dalla Gasperina_115-129

2(1) Verena Zoppei – Money Laundering 7_Verena Zoppei_pp130-148

2(1) Felia Allum & Alessandro Colletti – Italian mafias in Europe  8_Felia Allum_pp149-160

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